Instagram puts newer posts back on top

Instagram went back to a different sort of setup now, not the same as the setup that just was, not quite what was a while ago. The changes mainly put newer posts back on top of the Instagram feed instead of having the whole thing mixed up according to the Instagram robot overlords whimsical decision-making skills. This update was made "to give you more control over your feed and ensure the posts you see are timely."

Because the content we see in our social networking feeds are more vital to our survival than oxygen, Instagram's made some changes. There's a new button in the app starting today – DON'T FREAK OUT TOO BAD. It's just a "New Posts" button that sort-of replaces the rubber-band-snap sort of update deal.

Tap the button and you'll be rocketed back up to the top of your feed where all the posts are just posted, brand new. "With these changes, your feed will feel more fresh, and you won't miss the moments you care about." said an Instagram representative. "So if your best friend shares a selfie from her vacation in Australia, it will be waiting for you when you wake up."

NOT SO FAST, though – the newest posts made by the people and brands you follow aren't necessarily always going to appear first. Don't go assuming Instagram's made it so simple. Instead, "we're also making changes to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed." So, you know, not always, but most of the time?

You're still being watched, and your activities are still being recorded. You're still being fed advertisements based on your activities, and your data's still being sold to the highest bidder. Don't you worry about that going away one bit! Have a peek at the timeline below to keep up on the times with Instagram's big brother, Facebook.