Instagram Hits 150 Million Photos

The photo sharing app phenomenon that is Instagram has announced today a new milestone. Posting to its blog, the company revealed that it is now hosting over 150 million photos. This is quite an amazing feat, considering the company launched just nine months ago and is exclusive to the iOS platform.

Instagram offers a quick and easy way for iOS users to snap a picture on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, apply a unique filter to enhance the image, and then share it with their friends via many social integrations. The app currently has well over 7 million users and is adding 1.3 million photos each day.

To give some perspective, Flickr took almost two years to reach 100 million photos. But those were different times, and now mobile photography has exploded. In fact, Instagram does not offer a desktop option for uploading photos. However, others have swooped in to try and fill that need, such as with apps like Instaview and Carousel that both work with Instagram to allow for desktop use.