Instagram has 300 million active users, may be bigger than Twitter

Instagram has announced via a blog post they are (probably) larger than Twitter. Their service has grown to well over 300 million users, but the real story is how many are using it. According to Instagram, they have a monthly active user number almost as high as their overall user metrics. At 284 million users monthly, they've likely outpaced Twitter. Put that way, it's easy to see why Twitter recently copied the very thing people like about Instagram, rolling in the same filters and ease-of-use.

The last time Instagram talked subscriber numbers, it was March. At that time, they boasted 200 million users, meaning their service has grown 50% in less than a year.

Instagram is also set to reverse the stream and copy Twitter a bit. In noting their user numbers, they acknowledge that growth sometimes brings "spammy" accounts. For that purpose, Instagram is announcing they'll be rolling out verified account badges soon for those "known" members of the community.

Appreciating the activity level, Instagram says over 70 million photos and videos are shared daily.

The last time Twitter talked user numbers, it was October, and they had about 281 million active users. Whether or not that number held steady is not yet known, but it won't matter soon should Instagram keep its current growth trajectory. The real interest now lies in how Twitter can keep pace with the photo-sharing masses.

Source: Instagram