Instagram Explore feed gets event video channels

Instagram is pushing the video aspect of its service via the launch of new video event channels in its Explore section. These channels highlight videos from events, whatever they may be, so that you can get up to date on the things you missed. As expected, the channels are tailored to each user, so the highlights are of things you'll probably actually want to see, like clips from your favorite band's concert or a sporting event.

Instagram has made video-centric changes and added video-centric features in the past, each of them aimed at encouraging the watching and posting of videos on its platform. By all accounts, the service's efforts are paying off, and though Instagram is still largely associated with photographs, it does host quite a substantial number of short videos.

Finding those videos, as with any other content, can be tricky, which is why Instagram has rolled out video discovery features in the past and, today, has complemented them with a way to find a specific type of video: one recorded at an event. It could be a local concert you didn't get to attend, that basketball game everyone is tweeting about, or something else entirely. The point is, these channels collect them together in easy-to-find ways, taking the work out of it.

According to Instagram, it is rolling the event video channels out in the United States only at this time, but it does plan to launch them elsewhere around the globe at an unspecified time "soon." If you're in the US, you should be able to see the channels now by tapping on Explore.

SOURCE: Instagram Blog