Instagram bully filter automatically blocks toxic comments

Instagram has activated a new bully filter that will automatically prevent toxic comments from appearing on posts. The filter is active by default now, though users can disable it if they want full access to all of the comments. Instagram first unveiled the comment filter last year, but now it is live for all users around the globe.

Trolls and online bullies are a problem that span every Internet platform, but particularly the big ones like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Companies have developed different ways to deal with the problem, but they general aren't good at preventing it, instead relying on reports for existing content and account suspensions.

Instagram's bully filter works in a different way — by targeting the offensive comments and preventing them from appearing. This includes comments that negatively focus on someone's character or appearance, plus any threats. Users can disable the filter within "Comment Controls."

However, for users who need to avoid certain content but not necessarily all crude comments, Instagram also offers a manual filter for blocking commentary that contains specific words or phrases. That manual filter can be found within the app's comment settings, too. Assuming most users leave the automatic filter on, it should cut down on the number of toxic posts found on Instagram.

SOURCE: Instagram