InstaCRT iPhone app gives your picture an old-fashioned TV look

If you've been going around snapping pictures with your iPhone or iPad, and have been unable to shake off the feeling that things would be so much better if your pictures looked like you were viewing them on an outdated black-and-white CRT monitor, then congratulations. You're the perfect demographic for this latest iOS app. If that doesn't describe you, then maybe you'll appreciate the sheer novelty of this creation.

Called InstaCRT, the developers behind the app are referring to it as "the world's first real camera filter." What they mean by that is that instead of those fancy software programs that let you apply various filters to change the photo effects, this effect is done via a real-world process. What happens when you take a picture through InstaCRT is that it is actually sent automatically to a machine in Sweden.

The machine will place your photo onto a CRT monitor, after which point a digital SLR camera will take a picture of the monitor. All of this happens autonomously and occurs in less than a minue. The DSLR picture is sent directly to your phone so it is a seamless process that works almost as smoothly as using a software-oriented filter. The app costs $1.99.

[via PetaPixel]