Insta360 Pro 12K VR update V2.0 brings features galore

This morning the folks at Insta360 revealed their newest major update for their professional-level spherical camera. With the update, this device was given the ability to capture massive 12K media. This device was also given the ability to lend its onboard processing power to a desktop computer to help stitch together 360 spherical videos with a feature called Stitching Box.

"These updates take the Insta360 Pro to an all-new level of power, versatility and ease of use – that's why we're calling it version 2.0," said JK Liu, Insta360 founder and CEO. "Our priority is to bring Insta360 Pro users, present and future, the best user experience possible. So all of these upgrades are available for free."

Above you'll see a few adjustments that've been made in Optical Flow Interpolation and Manual Framerate videos. With the new interpolation, users can double the frame rate of any video they've already captured with the camera. In the video you'll see how this action makes next-level videos a reality.

This update also adds exposure curves and a new brightness histogram. In the video below you'll see Exposure Curve abilities in full effect. What you don't see is the new brightness histogram, a feature which allows users to "conveniently hone the brightness in various regions of an image in real-time."

This update brings a number of other new features, like optimized 4K broadcasting for Facebook Live 360, zenith stitching optimization, and new Wi-Fi connectivity options. The camera is now able to connect to a smartphone 4G hotspot or a mobile router.

The camera can now format itself without the aid of a separate computer. The camera has a "comprehensive image quality upgrade" which improves dynamic range. Less blow-out, less loss in the darkness. Below you'll also see a noise improvement as a result of the update.

This update can be accessed in Beta mode through the Insta360 website. Head over to the Insta360 updates page to make it happen.