Insanely Angry Canadian Crabs Are Causing Chaos In Coastal Waters

Canadian crabs are causing chaos in coastal waters where they have migrated, according to scientists. This variety of green crab comes from Nova Scotia and is described as incredibly aggressive, devouring soft-shell clams and even being willing to fight humans who get too close. Unfortunately, this brutal nature is causing big problems in the ecosystems the crabs inhabit.

Coastal waters in Maine are home to the same species of crab as the angry Canadian green crabs, but there's a key difference: the ones around Maine are chill, while the ones from Canada are apparently hellbent on destruction. According to a report from AP, the Canadian green crab is demolishing eel grass, which is native to the region, and eating up the soft-shell clams.

The chill green crabs already present in these waters are retreating from the aggressive invader, according to researchers who were themselves attacked by the crabs while attempting to study them. One crab is described as having jumped from the water to attack a researcher who was attempting to label them.

The crabs are described as eradicating eel grass in a search for small tasty critters that may be hiding within. Juvenile clams are also at risk of being devoured by the Canadian crabs, which currently comprise only about 2- to 3-percent of the green crabs in that region.

Questions remain at this time about the nature of the crab — whether it is aggressive due to its genes or is merely putting on a show as it works to establish itself in the new region. Assuming the latter is the case, the aggressiveness would eventually die down as the Canadian crabs claim the new waters as home.

SOURCE: Associated Press