INQ Mobile confirm Android intent; considering "wrap-around" and flexible screens

INQ Mobile may be best known right now for their budget social networking phones, the imminent Chat 3G and Mini 3G, but they also have plans for Android and more distinctive form-factors.  Speaking at the Mobilize Conference yesterday – the same event at which Motorola announced their CLIQ Android handset – company CEO Frank Meehan revealed that "[INQ Mobile] will do some pretty cool things on Android".

Meehan declined to go into specific detail at the event as to what exactly those "pretty cool things" might be, but he did suggest that non-standard form-factors may be high on INQ's agenda.  "Device design is something we really focus on," he told Om Malik, "and [we're] looking beyond QWERTY and touch to wrap-around and flexible screens."

It's unlikely that Meehan intends for INQ Mobile's first Android device to be some super-adaptable wunderfone complete with pull-out display, but we certainly wouldn't argue with either new Android form-factors or a general broadening of consume options for the platform.  No word on when the Android INQ Mobile devices could first appear, however.