Innpu Wired Phone has built-in headphones

I haven't owned a phone in years and years that shipped with headphones that I thought were decent enough to actually use. My iPhone headphones leave a ton to be desired and never get used. These were the first thing I upgraded on my iPhone after opening the box. I bet that a lot of folks out there do the same thing.Innpu Communications Technology Co has unveiled a new phone design that it calls the world's first "wired phone" cell phone. The device will be released very soon according to the company. The big feature of the device is that it has a pair of retractable built-in headphones.

When a call is received, the user will just pull out the headphones to answer and when the call is down the headphones can be retracted back into the handset. The big issue I see is if the headphones really suck, you are stuck carrying them around with the handset forever.