Inkel IDS-1500 WiFi Phone docking station - crazy amounts of functionality

In some crazy attempt to combine multiple unrelated features, Inkel has made a speaker dock that docks your iPod to crank out tunes, but it also docks a WiFi bases phone. The upside? You get a WiFi phone, that when docked, also means you get a WiFi radio.

So, with this you can make your Skype calls and with more or less the same gadget, you can stream Internet Radio stations to the boom box. The boom box also acts as a clock and an alarm, no word on whether you can set it to wake you up to the iPod or WiFi tunes.

Sure, it seems like a weird combination of devices, and it is, but if you used it to its maximum efficiency that would put your iPod next to your bed and charged in the morning, a telephone next to your bed for calling 911, and you'd have tunes galore for whenever you are "working" in your bedroom, and you'd have a new alarm. No word on price or if it will ever see the light of day on North American shores, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

[via AVING]