Inkas armored Mercedes Sprinter van keeps you safe and working

Inkas is a company that makes armored versions of all sorts of luxury cars and vans aimed at VIPs who take their security very seriously. The company's latest product is the Inkas Mercedes Sprinter that is part limo and part mobile office. The fancy interior's most prominent feature is an L-shaped workstation at the rear designed to let a mobile executive keep working while on the road.The vehicle is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Van. Inside it features completely customizable flooring and upholstery. The exterior can be optioned with bullet-proof materials. The interior can accommodate five passengers and still have room to recline the seats and relax. The corner office has a rotating chair, and the remaining seats are a quartet of power-adjustable captains chairs.

The van also has a pair of 45-inch smart TVs, wireless connectivity, lots of USB ports, and a premium entertainment system. Between the two front rows of seats is a removable table for eating or working on the road. All of the captain seats are finished and top-quality leather with massage functions and adjustable footrests.

For longer trips, a pair of refrigerator drawers are integrated into the bottom of the captain's seats for beverages. The driver compartment is separated from the rear passenger compartment, but the vehicle features an intercom system to alert the driver when the passengers need to get out and stretch their legs.

Other cool features include upgrades adding a 360-degree surveillance system, CCTV system, command-and-control center, signal blocking, and filtration systems. The van has an integrated air purifier system and powered door assistance along with an integrated biometric safe. While official pricing hasn't been announced, you can bet a highly customized vehicle like this is well into the six-figure range.