Ingress Real-World Android Game Update 1.35.1 Rolls Out On Google Play

Ingress is an Android game that turns the real world into a global game it says is full of "mystery, intrigue, and competition." The game is still a closed beta, but the latest version 1.35.1 has rolled out for those who have an invite code, bringing with it some performance boosts, fixes for known bugs, and an agent profile for monitoring one's stats.

The announcement was made on the game's Google+ page, with the company behind it saying that there are Scanner performance updates in the mix, with the Agent statistics and achievements being added in the AGENT tab. A total of 8 different skills have been added under the AGENT tab, each of them highlighting different things the gamer has managed to pull off.

The new skills are comprised of Seer, which includes the discovery and successful submission of new Portals; Connector, which is for linking Portals; Guardian, which is for maintaining control of a Portal for a certain length of time; Mind Controller, for creating control fields; Purifier, for destroying enemy resonators; Hacker, for hacking Portals, Builder, for deploying resonators; and finally, Explorer, for visiting and hacking distinct Portals.

In addition, and to many gamers' happiness, some of the notifications have been pushed to the Faction COMM, with GPS lock remaining active for a bit after toggling to a new app or task. The app is available for Android 2.3 and higher, and comes in at 24 megabytes in size. Those who want to play will need to head over to Ingress's website and sign up for an invite code, however.

SOURCE: Google+