InFocus IN146 short-throw projector launches

If you need a projector in your home or office for any reason and have small room, but still need a large image short throw is what you need. InFocus has announced a new short throw projector that is the lowest cost offering it has. The new projector is called the IN146.

The IN146 has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and can do HD without scaling. It is able to throw a 60-inch wide image from only 2.5 feet from the wall or projection surface. The projector is also a small design and has 2,700 lumens of light output.

The projector has 3D capability and HDMI input. Other features include a RS232 port to connect to in-room control systems. The device has a lamp rated for up to 6,000 hours and uses DLP technology needing no filters. The projector is available right now for $825.