Inflatable satellite ball keeps you connected anywhere

This is a cool invention for those that happen to find themselves far from a cell phone tower. It's an ultralight, ultraportable antenna that looks like a giant beach ball.

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The inflatable antenna can provide a strong broadband satellite connection almost anywhere and is perfect for those in the disaster-recovery field, or for anyone else in a remote location. The device is light compared to others, though to most people lugging around 70 pounds is no small task. For those in need of these, I'm sure it's no problem though.

The 6 to 8-foot ball is constructed out of a sturdy, flexible plastic lined with conductive mesh similar to what is used in racing sails. It can be powered by a car cigarette lighter or small generator and takes about 15 minutes to unpack, inflate and point. Don't expect to purchase one of these for yourself though, the $50,000 price tag makes this one for professionals only.

A Big Ball of Connectivity [via popsci]