Inflatable football pitch big enough for four

Personally, "going for a kickabout" fills me with nothing but fear – I'm far happier locked in my room, blogging and being pale – but there are some for whom the only thing more attractive than The Beautiful Game is playing it themselves.  Well, if you've got a damn big lounge and the only thing stopping you from playing footy indoors is the thought of breaking the peripheral furniture, then this Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch might be exactly what you need.


In thirty seconds the sack of uninspiring material turns into a twenty-foot by twelve-foot enclosed pitch, thanks to the included electric pump, and that's big enough for you and three friends to jump inside and generally lark about like wassocks. 

It's available now for £294.95 ($584.50)

Subbuteo Giant Inflatable Pitch [Firebox]