Infinity Blade for iPad 2 Getting Multiplayer Update

The Infinity Blade game made for the iOS platform and recently optimized for the iPad 2, strikes a great balance between console level graphics and the impatient gameplay of mobile gamers. We reviewed the game back in March and felt it was a winner. But now the game may get even more fun with an upcoming multiplayer update.

Since the game was released last December, there have been several updates that included new swords, new levels, in-app purchasing, and most recently a ton of new content. But the promised multiplayer functionality remained absent until now. The company behind the game, ChAIR Entertainment, has just announced that a new multiplayer update will be available this Thursday.

The update will be called Infinity Blade: Arena and will add a new mode called Arena that lets players assume the role of either Titan or Knight to challenge their friends via Game Center online. But that's not all, the update will also bring a new survivor mode that lets players battle against Titans one after another to see how far they're Knight can go. Dozens of new magic rings, swords, shields, and other helmets will also be added along with new achievements, leaderboards, and even Facebook integration.

The update will come at no additional cost if you already own the Infinity Blade game. But if you don't own the game yet, dropping $5.99 to buy the game with all that's packed in there isn't too bad is it? Have you played Infinity Blade yet? You like?

[via IntoMobile]