Infinitec Pocket TV Android dongle gets pre-release bump

Inside the Infinitec Pocket TV HDMI device is Android 4.0 and the ability to rock and roll on your HDTV – what you'll find in addition to that now that it's had a pre-release update is a massive 1GB of RAM. This device has also settled on a final design as it heads to the actual web-based market after its humble beginnings on Kickstarter. You'll find a mini USB port on the side of the device and it has a promise to be able to handle "the next versions of Android" including what we assume will be an upgrade by the end of the year – supposing Google I/O brings on another boost.

This device is able to handle Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right this minute and will come with the ability to connect to IR Remote or Air Remote (included with the package) for some ultra-easy controlling of the content on your screen. Kind of like a remote control! Actually implementing such abilities as you're seeing here is a whole heck of a lot more difficult than it seems, but lucky for you, the purchase and ownership of this device is a lot easier than creating it was.

Infinitec has presented a new hands-on video of the device connected to a USB hub as well as the Air Remote and a webcam – the ability to do this is built in to the software you've got on the device, while the webcam and the USB hub you'll have to buy yourself. Have a peek above at what you'll be getting soon, and stay tuned for more information on the final release. Check the timeline below to see what other Kickstarter-started devices have been popping up as of late.