Infinitec Infinite USB Memory drive gets price and availability date

The one thing that every storage drive has in common is that at some point they all run out of storage space. It doesn't matter if the drive has 1MB of storage or 1TB, eventually you run out. A new prototype drive has been unveiled from Infinitec called the Infinite USB Memory Drive or IUM that promises to never run out of storage.

The IUM is a USB dongle that is compatible with just about everything that has a USB port including computers, TVs, PS3, Xbox, and Wii consoles. The device can even be plugged into a digital photo frame to stream images from a computer. As long as the computer paired with the IUM has storage space the IUM can write to it.

The little gizmo lets a user share any attached HDD on a notebook or desktop via the dongle. Data can be written to and from the IUM just as if it was a normal flash drive. The most interesting thing is the media streaming capability. You can use it to shoot video at up to 1080p resolution to the USB device the IUM is plugged into. The IUM will ship on July 1 for $129 in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.