Industri Repro XBEE reworks Xbox 360 for your A/V rack

Microsoft's Xbox 360 certainly has the media capabilities to earn itself a place underneath your HDTV or in your A/V rack, but the curvy casing doesn't exactly blend in with other such equipment.  Swedish modders Industri Repro have taken that into their own hands, crafting a custom aluminum replacement chassis called the XBEE (XB Elegant Edition) that's the width of a regular DVD player.  They've also stuffed some extra cooling in there, to hopefully avoid the infamous red-ring-of-death.

In fact there are three 120mm fans, neatly throttled back so that the whole effect is actually a little quieter than the regular 360's fan.  It'll still work with the regular wireless controllers and there's a hidden IR receiver for using a remote control.

Manufacture apparently began back in August this year, but the Industri Repro site doesn't have any indication of whether you can actually pick one up yourself as yet.  However, if you fancy taking matters into your own hands, team member Roy Munson helpfully explains:

"If you want to build your own XBEE u need: Aluminum plates 25mm x 598mm x 100mm and 2mm x 568mm x 300mm and a working xbox360. Buy a press brake, laser punch machine and a CNC-Milling machine and a Anodization plant. Hire a bunch of efficient guys that know how to use the machines and it's done!"

[via technabob]