Indiegogo will try recouping ZX Spectrum Vega Plus money

Things just got very ugly for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Plus. Indiegogo, which is the platform Retro Computers used to fund this portable ZX Spectrum revival, is getting serious in making sure that something happens to finally end this twisting and confusing saga. According to a new announcement, Indiegogo has recruited debt collectors to try and recoup the massive amounts of money backers showered on the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus back in 2016.

That clearly isn't very good news for Retro Computers, but Indiegogo says the company has had plenty of chances to make things right. Originally scheduled to start shipping out to backers in September 2016, the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus has been hit with delay after delay, with current and former staff of Retro Computers finding something or someone to blame each time.

In fact, with no real evidence that the portable device actually exists, it seems that most backers have given up hope that they'll ever receive a product. In a post to the funding page for the Vega Plus, Indiegogo notes that it was actually willing to extend the deadline Retro Computers had to begin shipping units to backers. In order for that to happen, though, it required that Retro Computers provide it with a review unit and refund backers immediately upon request.

Retro Computers had until June 5 to supply that review unit, and with that window now passed, Indiegogo has decided to sic debt collectors on the company. Indiegogo notes that the process of recouping pledged funds is one that will take a significant amount of time, so Retro Computers still has time to make good on its promises to backers.

In a long-winded statement published on its Facebook page, Retro Computers says that it is "still determined to deliver the Vega+ to the backers," and that it "will do so unless we are prevented by circumstances entirely beyond our control." It also separately claimed on Twitter that it did indeed offer a review unit to one of Indiegogo's London-based representatives, but that the crowdfunding site moved forward with its plan to call on debt collectors anyway.

At this point, it's becoming increasingly difficult to follow the long and winding trail of accusatory claims, so regardless of how this issue is solved, here's hoping there's a resolution soon. We'll keep you posted, but with Indiegogo now bringing debt collectors into the picture and no proof that the Vega Plus actually exists, things aren't looking too hot for Retro Computers.