Indiegogo launches Life site to fund personal projects

Crowdfunding sites abound, with Kickstarter and Indiegogo being the two most recognizable of the bunch. Some of the services are welcoming to all types of funding projects, while others are fairly narrow in what can be posted. To lay any confusion about its own service to rest, Indiegogo has launched a new portal called Life that is dedicated specifically to personal projects in whatever form they might be — funding for medical treatment, social efforts, and more.

Indiegogo announced the Life portal today, saying it is a fundraising service dedicated specifically to personal projects. That's not to say Indiegogo hadn't previously welcomed such campaigns in the past, however. The company's founder Danae Ringelmann discusses some of the motivations behind launching Life in the video below.

The Life service brings with it some perks, however. There are no platform fees for those who seek fundraising for personal matters, and Indiegogo also offers individual support when needed. The Life platform offers simpler sharing and setup tools, as well.

Users can sign up by creating an account, or by signing in with Facebook, which makes things a bit quicker. The top categories on Life right now include Community, Medical, Education, and Memorials, to give an idea of the types of fundraising projects being hosted. You can check out Indiegogo Life here.

SOURCE: Indiegogo