India's $35 Tablet Based on AllGo Systems' Design, Specifications Revealed?

Remember that $35 tablet unveiled earlier today in India? There weren't a lot of details actually unveiled at the event where the tablet, or maybe even a pair of tablets, were shown off. And it left quite a few people (including us) very curious. And now we've got something very curious that has just landed in our laps. Dig in after the break to see what this tablet bears a striking resemblance to.

According to the site ARMDevices, it looks like the $35 tablet is based off the design originally postulated by AllGo Embedded Systems. This company is actually established in Bangalore, India, and they showcased their very own $35 tablet at the Freescale Technology Forum in Orlando last month. The video you'll see below is that tablet. So, how does that tablet break down in price? Something like this:

1. ARM9 processor: $5

2. Memory: $3

3. WiFi b/g: $4

4. Other components: $3

5. Battery: $5

6. 7-inch 800x480 resistive touchscreen: $15

7. Total: $35

As we said above, it's a pretty interesting update, and we're curious as to see how closely related these two tablets are in the specifications market. It will be even more interesting to see if the Indian government comes forward and says that their tablet is based on these initial designs, or if they came up with it on their own. While we wait to see if we get some official specifications from the Human Resources Department, go ahead and watch the video below.

[via ARMDevices; thanks Nathaniel!]