Incredibly thin bezels shown on a new Samsung Galaxy F “S5 Prime” leak

JC Torres - Jun 12, 2014
Incredibly thin bezels shown on a new Samsung Galaxy F “S5 Prime” leak

The number of “actual” device shots of what is supposedly the Galaxy F, a.k.a. Galaxy S5 Prime, is starting to increase. Here we have another one, but this time, all eyes are on the display, which, if this source is truly credible, won’t be imprisoned by fat bezels that take up more space than they should be entitled to.

Sure we’ve had a recent batch of photos, all claiming to be the Galaxy S5 Prime, but this time we see it side by side the current Galaxy S5. And this time, we have the displays turned on. From this context, we can see just how thin the bezels around the screen are, at least in comparison to the current flagship.

Bezels, along with screens themselves, are one of the reasons our smartphones are larger than they should be. Decreasing them is both an engineering and design puzzle, but one that will have tremendous impact on a product. It can let manufacturers increase screen sizes slightly without necessarily increasing the device size considerably.

Perhaps that can be best seen here with these two smartphones side by side. The Galaxy F allegedly has a 5.3-inch screen while the Galaxy S5 has a 5.1-inch one, and yet there is very little noticeable difference in the actual size of the device. This will keep the Galaxy F, or Galaxy S5 Prime if you wish, handy even while packing a QHD display.

The reveal date for Samsung’s premium contender is still unknown and unrumored at this point. There are some that would hold on to hope that it will happen today at Samsung’s Premiere 2014 event, but we won’t be the bit surprised if it doesn’t.

VIA: phoneArena

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