"Incredible Hulk" comet has a stunning green glow

A green comet nicknamed the Incredible Hulk recently made a bright appearance in the night sky, according to astronomers. The event featured the comet PanSTARRS C/2017 S3, which was spotted by researchers in late 2017. The celestial body recently experienced two bright bursts, one in late June and another in late July. It was that second burst that resulted in a large gas cloud surrounding the object, giving it a greenish glow

The gas surrounding the comet spans around 161,000 miles, the glow itself being the result of ionization as the object flies toward the Sun. Some sensational reports out of Russia have previously said the comet could cause catastrophe to our planet, but they are inaccurate.

At its closest approach, C/2017 S3 will come within about 70 million miles of Earth, meaning it poses no threat. Though the comet isn't currently visible due to its close proximity to the Sun, which is essentially washing out the glow, it may be visible to people in certain parts of the world later this month as it moves farther away.

That detail comes from NASA JPL Center for Near-Earth Object Studies manager Paul Chodas speaking to Live Science. Though you can't see it right now, last month it was bright enough at one point to view using an ordinary pair of binoculars, according to Sky and Telescope.