Inbrics Android MID promised for US launch

Android-based MIDs aren't particularly rare – the allure of a free OS has already tempted many a manufacturer – but it's unusual to find one actually destined to the US.  Inbrics' Android MID is one such rarity; the company have announced that not only will they be bringing the ARM Cortex A8 based touchscreen slider to CES in January, they'll also be releasing it in the US in 2010.Video demo after the cut

The device in the video below looks like a render rather than a functional prototype, but according to Inbrics the final product will have a full QWERTY keyboard, AMOLED touchscreen display and WiFi connectivity.  There's also GPS and a digital compass, together with DMB digital TV; no sign of integrated 3G, however, but Inbrics are talking about offering the MID via US carriers so we're guessing it's planned for the final product.

Pricing and specific availability are still unknown, but if Inbrics really want to convert people to the idea of carrying a companion device like this it'll need to come in at a reasonably affordable price-point.  A carrier subsidy would help that, obviously, but then you need to persuade people to take out another data agreement.

[via jkkmobile]