Inbox Cube For iOS Enlivens Email With Customizability

The team behind Inbox Cube are not satisfied with the way email looks and functions on mobile devices. They've decided to create their own unique interface, one that centers not just on the user's ability to customize the way they recieve emails, but in the way the whole experience is unleashed. Here the folks at Inbox Cube aim to help users engage in conversation in a way that's long since become entirely rare in the email universe.

There are three different kinds of "cubes" in the Inbox Cube user interface. The first is an email cube – here you've got the basics, including text, images, and the whole lot. There's another cube called the "attachment cube". This cube is just the content – plain and simple.

Finally there's the contacts cube – here you'll have a look that's rather similar to the other two cubes, but makes your searches for those you want to speak with a whole lot more engaging. This UI allows for different types of views – one or two columns, for starters – and zooming is encouraged.

This app works with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo mail, AOL email, and IMAP accounts. You'll be able to connect more than one account to the same Inbox Cube app, and the app is available on iOS – and only iOS – for now. Have a peek at this app right this minute and let us know what you think.