Inateck Macbook Sleeve Review: Classy, Cool, & Roomy

Inateck recently forwarded along their felt sleeve for the Macbook, which is available for both the Pro and Air lineup. For those looking to outfit their computer on-the-go, Inateck's offerings are nice. Good enough to make you drop all other cases, though? Let's find out!

The case is made of a very nice felted material, broken up only by the leather tab marker and stitching. If you like the "sleeve" look for a — well, sleeve — this is it. The Inateck Macbook sleeve is very business-casual in appearance, and adds minimal weight or bulk to your travels.

Under the flap, you'll find one big compartment meant for your Macbook, of course, as well as a smaller section next to it. For those who favor a tablet when on the go, this is perfect. I slipped my iPad mini in there with ease, which left me with just about everything I could want for a jaunt around town.

Around back, you'll find two cutouts. What those are for is up to you, but the smaller seems to fit an iPhone 5S nicely. If you snapped up an iPhone 6 Plus, the larger compartment is your best bet, here. Like the two larger compartments under the flap up front, these have a nice microfiber-ish lining.

The trouble with this one? It doesn't expand well, nor does it have a shoulder strap or handle. Taking a Macbook charger along for the ride left me unable to shut the closure, meaning it's not one you could likely rely on for a longer trip. Inateck gives you a small matching tote with this one, which was fine for taking the charger along — but then I had two things to tote around, and no should strap or way to join them.

Still, if you're looking for a sleeve that is both handsome and adequately outfitted, Inatek's Macbook sleeve is a good choice. It's available for all current Macbook products (sorry those of you holding onto that 17-inch behemoth!), and at under $20, you can't go wrong.