In Twilight Princess, amiibo can help or harm your journey

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 20, 2016, 10:26am CST
In Twilight Princess, amiibo can help or harm your journey

Last week we learned that Twilight Princess will have an entirely new dungeon added to it in the Wii U version. And what’s more, that dungeon will be locked behind the Wolf Link amiibo. But it turns out that other amiibo will be used in a more interesting way.

I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of locking content behind a collectable paywall like an amiibo. So hearing that The Twilight Cave will be locked away is disappointing. What I’m not disappointed by is how Nintendo is planning to use the other Zeldo amiibo in the game.

The other Zelda amiibo will be able to help you out in times of need. While these might take away some of the difficulty/strategy behind the game, I think it’s a fun way to reward players who also collect the statues. If you scan either Link or Toon Link, you’ll find that all of your arrows have been replenished. Both Zelda and Sheik will restore all of your hearts, should you scan them.

What’s really interesting is the use of Ganondorf’s statue. When you scan him into the game, enemies will do double their normal damage, effectively raising the game’s difficulty. You can’t use all of these effects whenever you want, however. You’ll only be able to scan each once per day.

We’ve also learned that if you complete a dungeon called “Thorough Battle: Trial of the Beast” (possibly a different name for The Twilight Cave) while having the Giant Wallet equipped, you’ll be granted the new Bottomless Wallet, which will let you hold onto 9,999 rupees. The Wolf Link amiibo has some other abilities related to storing data, but the details are a little fuzzy, since the original article in Famitsu is in Japanese, and not everything translates well.

VIA: NintendoEverything

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