In The Future: Battery-Free Pacemakers

David Hatherall has done a helluva lot of research about pacemakers. You know, those little buggers that go into people who have heart conditions? Hatherall has figured that soon we might have pacemakers that are free of batteries. There is even one that is being developed by the government, at the moment.

New batteries need to be put in every decade, which requires surgery. With the new ones currently being developed, you "set it and forget it". This technology that is being implemented into the pacemakers is described as being "groundbreaking" by Hatherall, who works for Zarlink Semiconductor.

The device could take on more illnesess, and the new pacemakers would mean that users will have a better life quality. It is currently a $1 million dollar project, and more can be found out about it over at MedGadget.

Quest for Battery-Free Pacemakers [Via: MedGadget]