IN Media !ROFL IPTV set top box supports 3D and HD content

There have been several new products lately that have turned up with strange product names. Not long ago there was the new phone called the :) that turned up. Today IN Media has announced a new set top box for IPTV called the !ROFL. ROFL is internet parlance for rolling on floor laughing and most geeks know what it means at a glance.

The new set top box carrying the name is the first fully integrated IPTV set top box to support internet content and content from broadcasters at the same time. The device supports a USB video camera and phone to make calls via third party software.

Supported resolution is up to 1080p and it can connect to a wired network or a wireless network. Users can watch on demand content from Netflix and Blockbuster. The box also has a SD card reader, 3.5mm headphone jack, SPDIF output, remote control, and up to 32GB of NAND flash. The box will land in China to start with and there is no word on availability elsewhere.