In-car Internet coming to Cadillac soon

In case driving around in a Cadillac isn't enough for you, come April you'll be able to get the Internet while out on the road, too. And it's all because of a new system called Cadillac WiFi that is based on an Autonet Mobile device. This device is completely portable and makes it so computers can access the Internet over a local connection.

In case you want a car with this gizmo built in, your first option will be the CTS Sports Sedan. However, you will be able to buy the WiFi device by itself, though it'll cost you $499 plus $29 a month for the service.

At the moment, Cadillac is one of only a few car companies looking to pursue Internet for in the car. However, there is some concern that within a few years this technology will be useless, once 3G and 4G cell phone networks and devices are more readily available, cheaper and more reliable. But for now, it's still pretty cool.

[via The Car Tech Blog]