In App Takes Search Deep Within Your Phone's Apps

When you're searching on your smartphone, one of the avenues search often doesn't look into is apps. Not searching for apps, but in them. A new iOS app is doing just that, diving into the information we store in our apps to make sense of it all.

In App gets right to the apps you might find useful when doing a search. Rather than having to search a variety of avenues for the same topic, In App can take care of it for you. It's kind of like the Expedia for search (search one and you're done).

Using a kind of refurbished hyperlink, In App takes your search results, which always direct back to a web page, and makes them useful inside of your apps. In App currently supports around 30 apps, with more coming. The app is still in its early days, so don't expect too much just yet.

Though a bit of a workaround, In App does have some promise to it. Rather than take your search query and opening it up inside the app, In App takes your search query inside the app. For simple searches, that's not too important. Search for a phrase you read somewhere, though, and In App might become a lot more useful.

Via: TechCrunch