In 2021, Microsoft wants you to say "Give me Windows!"

Signs point to a major refresh of the Windows 10 user interface for the masses in the second half of the year 2021. This UI refresh was reported today to roll with a codename "Sun Valley." In the mix is a set of changes that could very well change the way you use your Windows machine in a top-level sort of way. These changes are said to aim at "reinvigorating" and modernizing the Windows desktop experience.

According to a report at Windows Central, Microsoft's next big top-level change set will arrive in the year 2021. Changes could affect systems like File Explorer, Action Center and the all-important Start menu. It's tipped that these elements could have "refreshed modern designs, better animations, and new features."

The previously-leaked Windows 10 "Cobalt" schedule was reported this week to include this "Sun Valley" refresh. Sources point to Chief Product Officer Panos Panay spearheading the project in his role as lead of Windows Devices and Experiences.

When Microsoft introduced Windows 8, and switched users from Windows 7 to Windows 8, the change was a shock. Moving from Windows 10 to Sun Valley won't be shocking. Instead, whatever Microsoft has coming up next, whatever they end up calling the major update, it'll be available for gradual adoption by the masses.

As noted by Windows Central, this update would appear to be part of the move described by Panay at a session at Microsoft Ignite in September of 2020.

"How are you going to get people understanding how important and essential the PC is and how are we going to invigorate Windows into the future," said Panay. "I want to move from people needing it and knowing they need it, whether it's learning, whether it's teaching, or it's working, or creating, and needing it FOR, to loving and wanting."

"It's a little bit in the essence of the details and the gestalt of something I want," said Panay. "And our IT pros that are listening today: I want you to feel pressure from your customer saying 'give me the next one! Give me Windows! Give it to me!'"

Panay continued, describing Microsoft's attitude in working to update Windows 10 to the next big set of UI changes for the public, saying "it's awesome and we are doing that right now, we're bringing together the whole company. We're thinking about where we are today, but [also] where we want people to be, where we can help tomorrow, where we can drive into that resilience, where we can find ways to empower every human on the planet even further."

If you're extremely satisfied with the way Windows 10 works right this minute and do not want any change whatsoever, the good news is the timing. Per insider tips this week, this so-called "major OS update for Windows 10" wont arrive until the holiday season of the year 2021. That's likely more than a year from now – so get an alarm clock, set it and forget it?