Impression Pi VR headset update shows off fully 3D augmented reality

Earlier this month, a new VR headset called the Impression Pi surfaced on Kickstarter, and with it comes some unique features like 3D gesture control and position tracking, as well as mixing together both augmented and virtual reality into the same headset. Though the Kickstarter campaign is still underway, it has exceeded its goal amount more than twice over, and as a result has shown the device more thoroughly, including improvements to features like AR position tracking and the aforementioned 3D gesture recognition.

The company behind Impression Pi, uSens, has shown off a new video demonstration of the VR headset (included below) that has, among other things, the ability to recognize 3D features and render a completely 3D augmented reality environment — in this case, it's shown off with butterflies.

The VR headset is operating completely wirelessly using a smartphone, and shows off what will eventually be a consumer-level headset that combines virtual reality with augmented reality in a fairly compact device. As you can see above, in this particular case the headset was able to render 3D butterflies in real time with position tracking, enlarging them as the headset grew nearer and showing them from different angles as the headset moves.

The team behind Impression Pi sought $78,000 in funding on Kickstarter, where it has blasted past that with $245,567 currently in pledges. There's a single week remaining, giving those interested the chance to back the project. Some of the early bird units are still available, which is comprised of a starter pack, though you'll likely want the "Empower Package", which includes a complete VR headset. Price sits at $249 USD, and shipping is slated for December.