Impossible Foods' plant-based pork is heading to select restaurants

You'll soon have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite pork recipes without breaking your plant-based diet. Impossible Foods, the company best known for its Impossible Burger, has announced plans to bring its plant-based pork alternative to some restaurants in the coming months. This new plan comes only weeks after the company's faux chicken nuggets arrived in restaurants.READ: I tried Impossible Foods' new chicken nuggets – and was surprised

Plant-based diets have become trendy for many reasons: the food options for this kind of diet have never been better, many people have concerns about the environmental impact of livestock, and a number of studies have found that cutting back on animal products in favor of plant-based foods may be better for one's health.

Impossible Foods is no longer the only big player in the new age of faux meats, but it is arguably the best known. The company became popular due to its plant-based Impossible Burger that offers a realistic texture and the ability to 'bleed' like actual beef, helping neophyte vegetarians adjust to a meat-free existence.

In addition to its chicken nuggets and burger, Impossible also offers sausage and now, for those who aren't in the mood for sausage, a proper pork replacement. The company claims that its pork product ranked higher than actual pork in a blind taste test, achieving such high marks despite less fat than the actual meat, as well as no cholesterol.

If you're eager to try the Impossible pork, you'll first need to head to select restaurants starting this fall. The product, which was first introduced at CES 2020, will first be available at New York City's Momofuku Ssäm Bar at Pier 17 starting Thursday.

Only days later on October 4, the faux pork will also be available at 100+ Hong Kong restaurants. The rollout will continue from there in Singapore; it'll likely start popping up in the US, as well, considering that foodservice distributors are now offering it to restaurants that want to order the product in the States.