iMono Cube Speakers

Christina Crouch - Jan 21, 2008

Let’s face it, there is some kind of inner obsession most of us have with cube shaped things. Male and female alike, we will buy things that come in cube like form simple because it is a cube. Try to deny it, but I’m sure you can find something that you own to disprove yourself. If you can’t then you could always buy the iMono Cube Speakers.

These speakers are made from wood and USB supported. The have a very cool blue LED light that surrounds the speaker and the work with anything with a 3.5mm headjack. They’re only 6.8×5.1×7.3cm and weigh only 309g. How can you resist?

imono cube speakers

iMono Cube Speakers will cost you $25. You’ll get your choice of black or white, I’d go with the white.

iMono Cube Speakers with LED effect [via Geek-Gadgets]

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