Immersive next-gen gaming system merges virtual and real world

For those of you out there who've gotten tired of Wii-style gameplay, not to mention mice and keyboards, this new-fangled immersive multiplayer gaming system created by a team of game designers of the National University of Singapore will be bound to shock your world, virtual, real, or augmented.

Players wear head-mounted displays and use a motion-sensing wand, both tracked by a tracking system, to move, crouch, jump, aim, and perform a galore of maneuvers within a game, collecting virtual game items and fighting other players along the course.  With continuous real-time feedback,  a player's avatar actually imitates a player's every action and move.

What's even more remarkable is the augmented reality aspect that's integrated in the entire gaming system.   It lets gamers play in any open environment, the head-mounted display actually retaining a built-in camera that captures real-world view data, where the custom game engine syncs the real-world data with the game environment, so players have the ability to move around in the real world while using a virtual gun or sword to fight other players.