Immersion: Sony Could Add Rumble Affordably

Benjamin Nied - Oct 6, 2006

Taking another swipe at courtroom adversary Sony, Immersion Corp, the guys that own controller rumbling technology and took Sony to court over it, has come out with another anti-Sony statement. Immersion’s CEO, Vic Viegas, claims that Sony’s SIXAXIS controller could have rumble technology added for a minimum of cost, meaning that Sony’s “rumble would make SIXAXIS too expensive” claim is utter nonsense.

According to Viegas, when asked if the technology would be substantially drive up the cost, “I just don’t believe it is.” Viegas went on to say that Immersion “knows of ways to combine these two technologies without incremental increase to the cost.”, adding that they had helped another company do a similar thing. (I would put my money on this company being Nintendo) So, is Sony just afraid to fess up in court that they owe Immersion money, or is their R&D department simply unable to think of a cost-effective way to add rumbling?

[via GamePro]

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