IBM Presents Centennial Short Film, 100 Years of Achievements That've Changed the World

IBM has released a short film that almost went directly under our radar. It was released relatively quietly a few days ago, and tells an engaging story about their history and how through the 100 years they've been active, they've achieved many things that have changed the world. This film tells the history of IBM with one hundred ladies and gentlemen who were born along IBM's timeline, each of them 1 year younger than the last. Behold 13 minutes of tale telling.

This video is released in tangent with IBM100, a site that celebrates the past 100 years and how IBM has affected the world. This site includes Icons of Progress, an exploration of 100 IBM innovations that helped shape the past century, this section added to throughout the coming year. They've got "A Celebration of Service" which is an invitation to work with IBM to volunteer for causes around the world. There's Memorobilia, a store collecting items "designed exclusively for IBMers, families, and friends." Then of course they've got the film that you're about to watch. Enjoy!