Imagination debuts first PowerVR Series 6 GPU cores

Imagination Technologies has announced its PowerVR G6200 and G6400 CPU IP cores, which are the first in its PowerVR Series6 GPU core family. The PowerVR Series6 has set a new benchmark for high performance with ultra-low power GPU cores that are scalable from mobile and tablet markets to high-end gaming and computing.

The new IP cores are based on the PowerVR Rogue architecture that uses a scalable number of compute clusters. These compute clusters are arrays of programmable computing elements designed for high performance and power efficiency and minimal bandwidth requirements. The first two PowerVR Series6 cores are the G6200 with two compute clusters and the G6400 with four clusters.

The PowerVR Series 6 GPU cores promise 20 times better performance than current generation GPU cores and 5 times the efficiency. Performance is said to exceed 100gigaFLOPS and even reaches the teraFLOPS range. There are already eights licensees for the PowerVR Series 6 cores, including ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments.