iMac is obliterated by combustion tube in this slow-motion video

The Slow Mo Guys are back with another video, this one showing a full iMac system being obliterated by a carefully placed combustion engine. As with the team's past videos, we get to watch the destruction in Full HD and at ultra high frame rates, resulting in a clear, slow, unstoppable show of destruction. The episode was carried out at Purdue University in Indiana.

This team is behind a series of videos that show items destroyed in various ways while being captured by a slow-motion camera. This time around, the team 'eviscerated' a 2004-ish iMac, according to their own estimation, using a combustion tube. The iMac is placed on a table at the end of this combustion tube, being front and center for the eventual flames.

The video first shows the destruction at 1,000 frames-per-second, with each demonstration showing it at faster (and therefore visually slower) frame rates — up to 28,500. This is a particularly wonderful demonstration of the technology, as you can hardly see anything in real time, merely the iMac being launched forward into concrete.

At 28,500fps, however, we can see the powerful burst of flames and energy directly hitting the iMac, not only propelling it forward, but also blowing its innards out through its display. It's an incredible look at something you wouldn't ordinarily ever have the chance to see, but be warned: don't wear headphones while watching this unless you've got the volume turned down low.