I'm not a doctor headphones are perfect for the lazy nurse

Long ago when I was part of the normal world of people that had to wear pants and drive to work I spent many years working in the medical field where I had to carry a stethoscope everywhere with me in the hospital. I learned you could get into just about any part of a hospital with scrubs and a stethoscope.

If you like to pretend you are a doctor, or if you are a nurse that wants to look like you are working while you are actually listening to music, the I'm Not a Doctor headphones might be perfect. They look like a stethoscope with a cable end that plugs into your average headphone jack on an iPod or other device.

The thing I'm not sure about is comfort. Anyone who has used a stethoscope for a long time will tell you the design is not comfortable in the ears. The headphones have a mic for making and receiving calls and three ear tip sizes.