ILY Family Phone aims to make sharing content safe and easy

One of the challenges in busy lives of people today is keeping in touch with family. That is easier with things like Facebook, but sharing images and details of your life via social media puts your content out there in a way that could allow some people to take advantage. A new family phone called ILY is set to launch and the main goal of the device is to make it easy for families to stay in contact and share images and make video calls easily.

The ILY family phone is sort of a modern version of that old landline many of us had growing up. The device is an 8-inch touchscreen tablet designed to sit in the family room, kitchen, or other central location in the home for everyone to use.

It plugs into the Phone line in your home and has no internet browser or games to distract kids from talking to their family or sharing photos. ILY has photos of each person who you talk to frequently and to dial them you tap their image. It supports both voice and video calls, assuming the other person has an ILY as well.

ILY is up for pre-order right now at $199 per device. There are smartphone apps to add ILY capability to mobile devices running Android or iOS. Shipping will start this fall.