ILuv iSP200 soundbar with built-in USB Hub

A typical soundbar eliminates wires connection to 2nd stereo speaker, slender design with space-saving feature but the iLuv iSP200 has more to offer; the speaker bar has a built in 3 ports USB hub that can be daisy chained your auxiliary devices like the keyboard or mouse.

Designed to work with PCs or Macs-operated laptop or desktop, the iLuv iSP200 packs a dual satellite speaker, a powered subwoofer, 32-watt of RMS power and SRS-XT surround-sound technology into a one fairly good looking soundbar. The unit is magnetically-shielded to avoid electron beam-distorted image when places close to a CRT monitor.

In addition to the USB hub, it has a 3.5mm speaker input, 3.5mm aux input and allows adjustment on volume, bass and treble controls. The iLuv iSP200 will not hit the market until next Summer, I have a feeling that the current suggested retail of $100 would change by then.

[via gadgetheat]