iLuv debuts an alarm clock that can vibrate your pillow

Adam Westlake - Jan 5, 2016, 5:24am CST
iLuv debuts an alarm clock that can vibrate your pillow

At CES 2016, accessories-maker iLuv has announced the latest in line of Bluetooth-connected alarm clock devices: the SmartShaker 2. The thin disc-shaped object pairs with users smartphones to enhance the alarm options when it comes to being woken up in the morning. Instead of just playing music or an alarm tone, the SmartShaker 2, which is placed under the pillow, can use multiple vibration levels to get someone up on time.

The alarm connects to users’ smartphones over Bluetooth, while an accompanying mobile app is used to set a schedule of wake times. Along with music or tones, users can make voice recordings, while even the deepest of sleepers can choose an earthquake vibration setting or the 103 decibel panic sound to put an end to their dreaming.

The SmartShaker 2 can also be connected to other smart home devices, so things like Bluetooth speakers and lights can be paired and activated with alarms. iLuv’s own Rainbow 7 and Rainbow 8 Bluetooth-enabled LED bulbs can be connected with the alarm, so users can wake up to the room lit to their preferences.

iLuv imagines the SmartShaker 2 being ideal not only for heavy sleepers, but for travelers and those with hearing impairments as well. The device is set to go on sale in March for $29.99.


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