iLuv announces Dual Dock Alarm Clock for iPhone 3G

Brenda Barron - Aug 26, 2008
iLuv announces Dual Dock Alarm Clock for iPhone 3G

iLuv has just announced their Dual Dock Alarm Clock for the iPhone and iPod. Called the iMM173, this model will be the first from iLuv that is compatible with both the iPhone 2G and 3G.

This alarm clock is slated for release early next month and is expected to retail for $129.99. It will be available from J&R, Micro Center, and The following information was taken from the product’s press release, which details several of the alarm clock’s features:

Key Features:
• Advanced user-interface (UI) with oversized LCD display
• Powerful 5W x 2 sound output with treble / bass control
• jAura soundcell technology – enjoy your favorite tunes with top quality acoustic speaker sound and the properly proportioned mix of forward and backward sound waves
• Auxiliary line input for any audio devices with 3.5mm jack
• Daylight saving time switch
• LCD dimmer 10 level control

Dual Dock Capabilities:
• Integrated universal dock for your iPhone / iPod
• Charge two iPhones and/or iPods* at once
• Users can choose and play either of the two docked iPhones or iPods
• Digital clock display with dual alarm clock featuring wake to iPhone / iPod, FM radio or buzzer options as well as a sleep to iPhone / iPod or FM radio function

Radio Functions:
• FM stereo
• PLL tuning digital tuning technology
• Programmable presets for 8 radio stations
• Remote control

*Compatible with any iPod with dock connector (Excluding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPod)

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