iLunascape browser brings tabs and more to the iPad

One of the things that I use the most on Firefox during my day working on the PC is tabs. I have tons of tabs open when working. The thing I dislike most when I am using my iPad is that Safari has no tabs and you have to open a new browser window each time to get more than one website open. A new browser from iLunascape specifically for the iPad is now available.

The browser adds multitasking and has tabs that are easy to switch between according to the maker. The tabs and menus for the browser are also at the bottom of the screen, which puts them where most people's hands will be while using the tablet.

The browser supports up to six tabs open at one time and switching between the tabs only requires them to be touched. The tabs you used last can also be set to open each time you launch the browser. There is also a function for bookmarking and rotation lock. The iLunascape browser can also take screen shots and stores them in the iPad photo section for you to use later.