Illy Push Button House - From box to house in 90 seconds

One of my best friends told me awhile back that he was looking into building himself a house out of a shipping container. Truthfully, I thought he was crazy at first but the idea seems to be wide spread and catching on more and more all the time. If the house was anything like the Push Button House, then I'd be game for buying it.

Adam Kalkin's simple shipping container turns into a five room house in 90 seconds. It's made from recycled material and sports a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room and a library. A house like this would have many uses like disaster relief, exhibition space or as a sustainable home.

You can find out more about that and about the Illy Push Button House in New York at the Time Warner Center between now and Dec. 29th. I'm sure it'd be an interesting exhibit and you get a free cup of joe just for showing up. The only question I have is: Where is the roof?

Illy Push Button House: Five-room home in 90 seconds from nowhere [via Born Rich]