iLive home theater speaker bars sport iPod dock

I have seen just about everything get an integrated speaker dock. Over the years, I have seen toilets with iPod docks, clocks, cars, and even bikes. It's no surprise to see a home theater speaker bar that has an integrated iPod dock.

iLive has announced two new speaker bar systems including the iT319B and the iT209B. The 319B speaker bar measures 32-inches long and is intended to be an all-in-one home audio system with connectivity for DVD players, iPod, and a digital AM/FM radio. The speaker bar also offers SRS TruSurround XT for simulated 5.1 effects.

The 209B is a longer speaker bar measuring 37-inches and integrates into the TV sound system with a 3.1 system and simulated 5.1 surround sound. It has S-video and composite video input along with an AM/FM tuner. Both systems are designed to work with all dockable iPods. The iT319B will sell for $199.99 and the iT209B will sell for $149.99.